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Are you still trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your special crew? I visited Whitney at her beautiful store in West End Portland, WM GOODS, to have a little holiday-inspired chat where she shared her perfect holiday gift list.

I must say it was ridiculously hard to leave the store without shopping! From amazing books to beautiful handbags, the style is so on point, I may need to make my very own WM GOODS wishlist.

If you’re in Portland, stop by WM GOODS after a cup of (some of the best) coffee at Heart! If you’re anywhere else, you’re not out of luck, you just have to go to WM GOODS website and scroll down the amazing online shop!

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At the table with Jennifer Bolaños

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jennifer at a styling workshop a couple of weeks after I moved to Portland. Now, over a year later, I couldn't be more excited to share her story.  Jennifer is the founder and curator of  Vía Raiz, a shop where Mexican craftsmanship meets modern design. 

Talking about Jennifer´s brand and her purpose was so reassuring for me, I must continue this project and one day I might go back to Mexico, my home country, to collect stories as passionate and compelling as hers.

You are about to get a glimpse of Jennifer´s entrepreneurial journey,  what Vía Raíz means to her, why she founded it and why she works hard everyday to see her project succeed. 

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