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At the table with Leslie Abrams

One of the greatest perks of working with small businesses is meeting the founders, having a sense of the humanity behind each brand and, in many cases, getting to meet other entrepreneurs whose projects are equally inspiring. I met Leslie through Korie, the wonderful natural skincare creator I debuted my At The Table series with, the three of us sat for tea and cake back in the fall and since then I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Leslie on a photoshoot and now I am excited to share more of her and her brand, Yo Soy Candle, through this piece.

Crafting candles with incredible scents and simple, yet powerful messages of intention, Leslie created Yo Soy Candle to ...

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Are you still trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your special crew? I visited Whitney at her beautiful store in West End Portland, WM GOODS, to have a little holiday-inspired chat where she shared her perfect holiday gift list.

I must say it was ridiculously hard to leave the store without shopping! From amazing books to beautiful handbags, the style is so on point, I may need to make my very own WM GOODS wishlist.

If you’re in Portland, stop by WM GOODS after a cup of (some of the best) coffee at Heart! If you’re anywhere else, you’re not out of luck, you just have to go to WM GOODS website and scroll down the amazing online shop!

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It is officially holiday season! There are so many elements that make the holidays special. if you enjoy giving something thoughtful to your loved ones during this season, I am sure you’ll find this gift list inspiring.

We chatted with Karen McClelland, owner of Mantel, an incredible lifestyle store in the Kenton neighbourhood, in North Portland. During a short interview in the back of her brilliantly curated boutique, Karen shared a bit about the holidays at Mantel and the nine pieces from her store she would undoubtedly gift to her loved ones.

Whether you stop by Mantel after a cup of coffee in North Portland, or you daydream of visiting while scrolling down their newly built online shop, I am sure you will love Karen´s curation. ...

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at the table with Amy Colville

I met Amy at an event a few months ago, although not really having a chance to talk much back then, I felt compelled to reach out to her about a collaboration that led to this inspiring interview.. Amy is the founder of aMYLK, the purest, made-by-hand nut mylk in town. I am so happy to share my chat with Amy on her journey to creating this amazing brand, a blend between an incredible product and her warm, caring personality. ...

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At the table with Jennifer Bolaños

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jennifer at a styling workshop a couple of weeks after I moved to Portland. Now, over a year later, I couldn't be more excited to share her story.  Jennifer is the founder and curator of  Vía Raiz, a shop where Mexican craftsmanship meets modern design. 

Talking about Jennifer´s brand and her purpose was so reassuring for me, I must continue this project and one day I might go back to Mexico, my home country, to collect stories as passionate and compelling as hers.

You are about to get a glimpse of Jennifer´s entrepreneurial journey,  what Vía Raíz means to her, why she founded it and why she works hard everyday to see her project succeed. 

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at the table with Korie Goodman

I was happy to welcome Korie at my space a couple of Tuesdays ago. Korie is the founder of Kore Herbals, a plant-based skincare brand,  based in Portland, Orgeon. Ever since our first conversation early summer,  I’ve felt a connection with Korie's brand. Korie’s belief in her project and her mission is incredibly refreshing and I couldn’t be more excited to share her journey on Bottega Stories.

Grab a cup of tea and a short break from your daily hustle, I am sure you'll find this story inspiring.
For a recap of our summer photoshoot featuring Kore Herbals, visit our Work page.


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