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Are you still trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your special crew? I visited Whitney at her beautiful store in West End Portland, WM GOODS, to have a little holiday-inspired chat where she shared her perfect holiday gift list.

I must say it was ridiculously hard to leave the store without shopping! From amazing books to beautiful handbags, the style is so on point, I may need to make my very own WM GOODS wishlist.

If you’re in Portland, stop by WM GOODS after a cup of (some of the best) coffee at Heart! If you’re anywhere else, you’re not out of luck, you just have to go to WM GOODS website and scroll down the amazing online shop!

What is WM GOODS purpose?
My goal in opening WM GOODS was to create a relaxed, warm, and welcoming space that encouraged people to come in and feel connected and like they could be themselves.  I really dislike judgmental retail experiences where you feel like the sales associates are just giving you a once over to see if you’re cool enough to be there. I wanted to create a space where people felt relaxed enough to just come say hi, even if they didn’t plan to shop.

What does holiday giving mean to you, Whitney?
To me, holiday giving is about being thoughtful and showing that you really know the person you’re gifting. Sometimes that means an experience like a dinner out at their favorite restaurant, and sometimes it means going back and getting them something they mentioned in passing and probably didn’t even realize you heard. In a different route, I usually give donations to organizations that are meaningful to my family members instead of physical objects, which feels great.

What do the holidays at WM GOODS look like?
The shop is full of beautiful, giftable items that are thoughtfully and responsibly made. We work with a lot of creative makers and think about the types of items we would love to receive ourselves. Our space usually gets some festive decorations from Hilary Horvath and we keep the music warm and cheerful. It’s one of my favorite times of year and is usually a great time to catch up with familiar faces, plus our opening anniversary is November 30th.

What are your thoughts on gift wrapping?
We keep it simple. I don’t love a lot of wrapping paper or anything like that -you end up throwing it all away anyways. We do some blue ribbon, a nice natural kraft box, and a pretty dried flower. Simple yet effective!


Cherry Bombe

For someone that doesn’t cook much (aka at all) I am totally obsessed with cookbooks. This one is bright, fun, and features a ton of amazing recipes!

Brooke Wade
Serving Board

I would give this to any of my girlfriends that like entertaining. I am always down for a good cheese selection and I tend to hang out with fellow cheese friends.

Wolf Ceramics

Moon Mug

Sarah Wolf and I grew up together and it’s amazing to see all that she has accomplished with her beautiful line of handmade ceramics!

In The Company of Women   


The best gift for any creative or entrepreneurial person on your list. This book by Grace Bonney features inspiring stories of women who have just made it happen for themselves.

Rhythm #2 Vase
by Isabel Halley

I am obsessed with all things blue and this vase is no exception. Isabel Halley is based in New York and makes really natural pieces that look beautiful in any setting.

Gala Is Love Malachite
Lava Earrings 

These beauties are handmade in Mexico using Malachite and Sterling Silver. They’re a little spendier at $250 so I’d give them to someone close.

Henne Organics

Luxury Lip Tints

These are the easiest gift for any female friends. They are all natural, super hydrating, and buildable color. It would be a sweet gift for a younger cousin all the way up to an older friend.

Stranger Things
Holiday Card

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to getting into Stranger Things but I’m officially caught up and totally hooked! I’d give this card to any of my friends that I’ve gone into deep conversations about our theories with.