The moments when something happens and everything changes. 

I can't remember most of my childhood, I know it was a good one, I just don't remember details. My life basically started changing when I decided to take on the adventure to travel overseas, it isn't that I was unhappy or that my life was bad, it just all took a turn.  

Nearly 8 years ago, what started with me packing two 50 pound suitcases for 3 months in The Netherlands, became a self discovery quest that will possibly last forever.

It is through that journey that my love for thoughtful branding, lifestyle photography and all sorts of creative ideas, became impossible to ignore. After doing some photography projects for startup brands, it became all about the stories of the creators, I was fascinated by their drive and I knew it needed to be shared. I wanted to create something that would be a source of energy and inspiration for others. It became my passion to learn about the local brands I enjoy and to share that with the world.

That passion (sometimes obsession) is giving life to this creative -hopefully everlasting- chapter of my life. You can only imagine how I look forward to share everything to come on Bottega Stories. Anew.

Good thoughts, 


PERSONALAlba Betancourt