a space where we share the process of BECOMING.


Bottega Stories is a compilation of entrepreneurs’ adventures, at different stages of their journey, coming from a place of openness and light-sharing.

We are building Bottega Stories to enable other doers and creators to follow their passion, to share the amazingness of entrepreneurs as they get their brand out there, launch a new service or grow their business. Bottega Stories is built on the belief that we all have a gift, and that it is noble to put our talents out there for others, knowing that in that process we’re all improving and bettering ourselves.

We elevate ideas through creative collaboration. Through photography, styling, creative writing and story sharing, the goal is to enable dreamers, power their ideas and be a catalyst in bringing their purpose to life.

Bottega Stories is a space where we document the process of making it happen and the occasional glimpse to a life well lived.