I am Alba, the creator of Bottega Stories, a go-to for beautiful and inspiring visual content, and a place where you can grow your ideas by sharing and connecting with one goal in mind: brand building.


Branding is really about how you tell your story, it is all-encompassing. I like to say that purposeful branding is really about how you live your life. It often takes peeling so many layers we’ve acquired through self-judgement to figure out what it is that we truly want to share with the world, what message are we trying to deliver through our business. Why we do what we do day in and day out. Once all this is clear, it is much easier, more rewarding and incredibly more authentic to create branding strategies that allow you to share your story and have it resonate with the right audience. Don’t worry, I’ll meet you where you are, we can do this over coffee.

It takes 7 seconds for someone to decide whether they trust you or not, based on appearance. Now, in this scrolling world of websites and squares, 7 seconds seems too long. There is literally no time to share your story poorly. You need to be conscious and intentional. The content you put out there has to build your brand up, it has to be in alignment. Together, we can create inspiring visuals that help you share what you’re about without cluttering your audience.

Social Media Content, Copy Writing

Bottega Stories is a space where we document the process of making it happen and the occasional glimpse to a life well lived.

Bottega Stories got its name because I reckon many of us started in the spare room or on the kitchen table, and it took a while to really make it our bottega (studio/working space) and as we fell in love with it, so many stories unfolded. Stories of struggle, stories of success. Stories that make us.